Legacy 9.0

Build up family trees and create multiple genealogical databases

Legacy is an application which helps users keep record of their present and past family generations, by allowing them to store large amounts of information concerning their own family members or other people's families as well.

It makes no difference whether the program is used for fun or for more professional reasons, users will be impressed by the level of details integrated by the data sheets. The information can be filled on a sheet ranges from imperative fields such as name, surname, sex, age etc. to optional fields such as pictures, videos, citations given by the respective persons etc. What is even more impressive,users can fill in pieces of very personal information, such as medical or DNA records.

Another advantage of Legacy is that it offers the possibility to search for any piece of information stored in the database by using the "Search" panel, which is displayed on the main screen. This section can help users complete the data sheets with pieces of information, which was previously unavailable.

Besides data sheets, users can also create graphic representations of the families they keep track of by accessing the "Wall Charting" icon from the main screen and by selecting the type of chart they wish to use.

To sum up, Legacy offers users the possibility to store extremely detailed genealogical information for a considerable number of family members.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • The possibility to create both graphic representations and data sheets for the same family


  • Extremely detailed data sheets containing fields for unnecessary pieces of information
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